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Basic Knowledge – DENSO SPARK PLUG

Basic Knowledge

Gasoline engines obtain power by compressing a fuel-air mixture of air and gasoline, then exploding this mixture by ignition. Spark plugs serve to ignite this fuel-air mixture. With the battery as the power source, the spark plug converts the electrical energy that comes through the ignition coil and distributor into a spark which ignites the fuel air mixture. In other words, without the spark plug, the engine doesn’t run; the spark plug is a important part because its performance influences the overall performance of the engine.

Spark and Ignition

Explaining the mechanism of generating a strong spark in interelectrode and the first step on the combustion of the air-fuel mixture.

SPARK PLUG Construction

Introducing the name of parts and explaining its feature with example of Iridium Power.

Heat Range

Explaining the relation between the degree of heat emanation from heated spark plug and the velocity of the vehicle.

How to Choose a Plug

Providing the measure for selecting the plugs.

Service Life

Explaining relation between the amount of the electrode consumption and the electrode material.

SPARK PLUG Installation

Showing the procedure to replace the plugs.

Inspecting and Exchanging Plugs / Sevice Life

Informing the recommended checkup and replacement time based on run.


Introducing the way to diagnose the trouble.

Identifying DENSO Plugs

An explanation of how to decipher DENSO spark plug models.