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How to Choose a Plug – DENSO SPARK PLUG

How to Choose a Plug

Various circumstances such as engine conditions and driving conditions are rough measures for choosing a plug. For example, if strenuous driving is continued for a long time using normal plugs, the plug will overheat.
This is why the idea of a regular plug for a regular car doesn’t work.
What’s important is to inspect the condition of your current plugs, and then choose a plug accordingly.

The heat range will change with the seasons.

When the air temperature is high, as in the summer, the inlet air temperature becomes higher, increasing the load on the engine. In times like this, it’s better to choose a plug with a higher heat range.

The more horsepower is increased, the higher the required heat range.

If the horsepower has been increased through tuning, the increase in explosive power leads to an increase in combustion chamber temperature, making pre-ignition more likely; in such cases it is necessary to choose a plug with a higher heat range and a higher level of heat resistance.