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Boosting flying sparks and ignitability

Thin center electrode (1.5mm)
Double Needle structure (a first with nickel)
Utilizes nickel alloy featuring new materials

Model consolidation : Model 290 → Model 16

High ignitability nickel plug (impact of thin diameter on both sides of electrode)

A new nickel alloy achieves thin diameter on both sides of the electrode, improving combustion by boosting flame development

Reasons why the Ni-TT plug can cover for other Nickel plugs

The Ni-TT plug can cover for other standard plugs thanks to its better ignitability (flame kernel spreads easily).

Improves speed and output

1.1% improvement in torque boosts horsepower by 1.1*1

Improving engine torque means greater dynamism! Facilitates smooth driving even when subjected to a load–such as people or baggage–on top.

Improved fuel efficiency

Improves fuel efficiency by 1.2% ! The more you drive, the more economical it is!

Fuel efficiency is boosted by reliable ignitability. Fuel consumption is lowered, and the vehicle can run longer on the same amount of fuel.

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